What can you EXPECT ?
Asrielo's Dive Center Management System is broken up into several utilities or modules accessible from a central dashboard. It's a lot like clicking through pages on this site. Each module serves a specific purpose, but they all come together to create an incredibly powerful management and organizational tool.
General Info Module
This module lets you edit information about your business like the number of locations you operate and the descriptions of those individual dive center locations. This information will then be displayed on your public page.
Your home page is where everything comes together. You can view your calendar, which contains all of the events you have created and all of the bookings that have been made into those events. You can filter them by several criteria and even add customers manually if they call to book over the phone.
The Management System allows you to take stock of all of your equipment, price it by piece for rental purposes or even create various equipment packages that you can make available for reservation when attached to specific events.
Print or view reports online in Excel format. You select the the type of report that you want, and it's delivered to you cleanly. Access financial figures, inventory lists, or staff schedules.
Dive Sites
Set descriptions of the dive sites your dive center frequents in order to inform potential customers about what they'll have the opportunity to see.
If you run boat dives or live aboards, you can add information about your boats in this section. You will even get reminders about when you need to renew their registrations before they expire each year.
Add staff members to events or courses easily in just a couple clicks. You can even select which languages they speak so that potential customers can see what languages your center offers.
Creating events is a cinch. You can select different types of dives from a list and set scheduling on a recurring, one-off, or custom basis.
Courses work like events, except that you have access to a list of dive programs and individual courses approved by every major dive certification agency.
You can create dive packages for your customers. Have them buy a fixed number of dives and monitor their usage. If you have the ability to offer deals with rental car companies, hotels, or airlines, you can create one package for everything at a fixed price.
Managing your customers and marketing has never been easier. Every reservation that is made, online or over the phone, saves customer information in the Customers module. You can access specific details about customers and filter them by various criteria. You can even use targeted marketing to reach out to them based on their individual preferences.
If you decide to take advantage of Asrielo Online Bookings, we will give you a piece of code that you can add to your own website activating your online bookings portal. This facilitates easier bookings for most customers. It will help drive more traffic to your dive center and increase the total number of bookings you get by reducing your site's drop off rate.
Public Page
The public page is what users will see on the Asrielo website. This is a second webpage, or a first one if you don't have one yet. It expands your Internet presence and makes the dive community appear bigger online. The dive community's presence on a central website, asrielo.com, makes marketing and client acquisition easier, and cheaper.