Work More Efficiently
We help your dive center move into the 20th century by providing a unique technology platform on which your dive center is run. Asrielo's new Dive Center Management System, allows you to save time by setting up events or excursions offered in your center's portfolio. We make it easy to create events, packages, and classes. We even help you keep track of your equipment. You can anything from customers information to financial reports directly though the system in just a few clicks.
Grow Your Business
Asrielo will help your company grow. Any event you create within the Management System will appear in your calendar and can be accessible online, so that customers around the world can book their favorite dives directly through your website or through You can also add customers to any event if they call in to book over the phone. We make it easy for your staff to use the Asrielo Dive Center Management System by ensuring user interface simplicity.
Use Your System Freely
You can access Asrielo anywhere in the world, at any time, securely with your login information. Because Asrielo is online, you can use any device (computer or mobile device) to access your dive center's bookings through almost any browser. Asrielo iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps are also in the works and are set to be released later this year.